Larry Betz

A truly seasoned trainer will have the experience to successfully engage with a broad range of clients at varying levels of fitness and overall health.  Throughout my career, I have developed a highly specialized set of skills to work with both injured and aging athletes.



Larry Betz has been committed to kicking ass and taking names since the tender age of 12. He was born with 0% body fat, and the doctors were so inspired by his immaculate technique as he exited the womb, that they all put down their stethoscopes and picked up their kettlebells instead. After competing in two state championships as a high school gymnast,  Larry continued pursuing his passion for fitness by studying numerous styles of martial arts. . Naturally, he became increasingly intrigued by the idea of improving health and performance through diet and exercise. That passion led Larry to search out the top strength and conditioning coaches in the world, and thus, the Betz Method Training system was spawned.


In 2004, Larry opened his first fitness center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn while he continued to study around the country. His studies and travel opened his eyes to the shift occurring in the fitness industry and the need for training in modalities not offered in the traditional gym model.

In 2010, he sold the shares of his first club and set out to open a training center that offered his clients the best training tools and coaches available. He set up shop at Betz Method Strength and Conditioning Studio, where he perfected small group training and started designing programs for the new center, Brooklyn Athletic Club.


Ever dedicated to helping others reach their fitness goals and surpass their own expectations, Larry Betz is excited for the new possibilities that Brooklyn Athletic Club represents. He looks forward to using his unique experiences and training to continue working with everyday people and fitness enthusiasts alike. As one of the Master Trainers at BAC, Larry is not only able to work on changing the lives of his clients, but also to pass along his knowledge and insight to the next generation of physical fitness trainers.