BetzMethod 2017

Why a personal coach?

It’s been said that ‘getting a good coach is the number one shortcut to success’ - and it’s true.  There’s a ton of information out there regarding health and fitness.  Most of it is bad or outdated, and none of it is specifically targeted to you.  In fact, almost all of it is designed to sell you products that you don’t really need - and simply don’t work!  Fad diets and boot camps look cool, but they often fail to provide results.  


In the past 20 years, I’ve worked with some of the best minds in the fitness industry - and I still do.  That is why I have coaches myself, and I’m constantly traveling to workshops and events to expand my knowledge and expertise.  I’m a life student of fitness and health, and I’m committed to applying my deep knowledge and experience towards a program specifically designed for you.


My clients often tell me that they sleep better, eat better, and have more energy because they’re strong, lean, and healthy!  What could be better?





Our process starts with a highly accurate, fully comprehensive strength and mobility assessment - free of charge.  In under an hour, we’ll examine your movement patterns and habits, your balance, your coordination, and your overall strength.  I guarantee you’ll come out of this assessment with new knowledge about your current state of fitness - and more importantly, strong ideas about your future fitness goals.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or you’re a seasoned athlete competing at the national level.  I guarantee that we’ll discover some areas to target!

In this detailed complimentary assessment, a few of the things we’ll concentrate on include:

  • Active and passive range of motion

  • Strength and motor control

  • Balance and coordination

  • Pushing / pulling / rotating movements

  • Overall strength and endurance

  • Body composition - lean muscle mass

  • Nutrition and eating habits

  • Other lifestyle patterns - sleeping, stress levels, etc

Private Training - One On One

The quickest, most effective way to hit your fitness goals is for us to engage in a concentrated, custom one-on-one program.  Do you need to get in shape for a life event, athletic competition, or personal goal?  One-on-one training is the fastest, most efficient path to success.  I’ll work with you to develop a schedule and I’ll be your guide to achieve optimal results.  We’ll keep detailed records of your progress, and we’ll tweak and tune your program as we move forward.  In my 20 years of training experience, I’ve worked with hundreds of people - thick and thin, young and old, beginners and pros.  Time and time again, one-on-one training has been the number one proven method to allow my clients to meet their fitness goals effectively and efficiently


Semi Private Training

For some, one-on-one personal training can be a difficult personal and financial commitment.  That’s why I offer a limited number of semi-private training opportunities every month. Usually, a group of friends will come together with common fitness goals and we’ll generate a program together - a great way to stay motivated!  Training with your friends can be a deeply satisfying experience.  In order for me to maintain very high training standards and focus on each client, I cap these sessions to a maximum of 4 participants.  If you have a group that you’d like to work with, please contact me and we’ll meet up together to discuss a program that fits the group’s goals.

Training at YOUR home

Do you have a fitness facility or gym in your building?  Let’s use it!  I have a very limited number of on-location training slots available for either one-on-one or couples training in the convenience of your home or building facility.  Together, we’ll develop a program that meets your goals with the equipment you have available.  I would be happy to visit for a complimentary overview of the equipment you have available and to discuss your fitness goals.  As every facility is different, please contact me to discuss opportunities.


Remote Fitness Program

I’m very excited about the advances in technology that are helping people to meet their fitness goals.  However, what I see lacking is a personal approach specific to each person’s goals and level of fitness.  I love technology as a tool for success, but in my opinion the critical component for success is a comprehensive program designed specifically for the individual, and the support of a master coach with years of deep experience to provide guidance as you progress towards your specific goals.


In my remote fitness program, I’ll send you an extensive questionnaire to get a baseline on your current fitness level, health history, and an overall snapshot of your lifestyle habits.  Following that, we’ll conduct a comprehensive phone or video conference to review your answers and to establish your specific goals and needs.  I’ll generate a custom, comprehensive fitness program for you.  We’ll use a shared online document to track your daily progress, and we’ll conduct regular phone or video check-ins (weekly, biweekly, or monthly) to tweak your program for optimum effectiveness - and to keep you motivated!